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Social Media and Social Security – Are They Checking Out What You Post?

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

Well, not initially.

Social Security is not routinely monitoring social media pages of people filing for or receiving disability benefits. However, they may take a look if any “red flags” are raised. This could include concerns about the amount of activity you seem to do on any given day….like pictures of you playing soccer with your grandkids in the yard, or holding up your enormous wide-mouth bass on a recent fishing trip, or even walking that 5k for your dear departed Aunt Mildred. These “red flags” could also be found in doctor’s notes (or at least in the ones that still take detailed notes!).

SSA may hire an investigator to follow-up on any online concerns or concerns reported to them from others that know you.

If you DO decid to post pictures or videos of yourself doing something exciting or fun, you might consider including some comments about how fulfilling but TOUGH that situation was for you. Be clear in what you are intending to post for others to see.

The simplest and most effective advice: limit use of social media.



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