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The Disability Backlog: What is Congress Doing About It?

by | Nov 1, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

In the past few years, claimants applying for disability benefits have suffered longer and longer wait times for a decision on their claim. Currently, the average wait time for an Initial decision is 7 months! Claimants, and the attorneys trying to help them, know how utterly unreasonable and devastating this is.

While large governmental bodies like Social Security typically do move at a snail’s pace, recent efforts to draw this to the attention of Congress have been made. In late October 2023, several individuals presented information to Representatives at Congressional hearing on the matter. Several of them were from organizations that represent claimants filing for disability or organizations that help attorneys lobby for better Social Security laws.

It soon became clear that not only is a large amount of additional funding required, but also an overhaul in technology within the Social Security disability departments and aggressive slashing of inefficient procedures that only serve to delay the process.

What can YOU do? Be active and call or write your Congressperson or Senators! They are willing to listen…if we are all loud enough.




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