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Social Security disability benefits for arthritis

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Millions of people across the country suffer from arthritis. Inflammation of the joints and the tissue around the joints is one of the leading causes of disability today. Those who suffer from arthritis often find that movements that come easy to most people, like writing or typing, are extremely difficult. When arthritis sufferers can no longer work due to their condition, they are usually able to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance benefits.

Apply for disability

If an individual suffers from arthritis and wants to obtain disability, the first step is to fill out an initial application. Applying can be done online at the SSA site. It can also be done by phone or in person at a local Social Security office. In the initial application, the applicant will need to fill out several forms about demographic information, work history, daily activities and physician information.

After the application is submitted, the SSA will review the information to support the claim. The applicant will need to provide medical evidence that the condition is severe enough to prevent the individual from working. Be proactive and gather documentation about doctor’s visits and any medical treatment received for the condition.

Where to get help

After submitting the application and all the necessary supplementary information, be prepared to wait. It often takes several months to receive an answer. If the application is rejected initially, do not worry, as this is common. In fact, about 70% of initial applicants are denied. Those who are applying for SSDI benefits or want to know what the next step is after receiving a denial can get much-needed guidance by speaking with an experienced legal professional.



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