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Utility Shutoffs? Eviction? Tax sale on your home? What can you do about it?

by | Dec 1, 2023 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

Unfortunately, given the terribly long wait times for SSA disability cases, people are often faced with serious financial and housing issues while waiting for a decision in their case. Some individuals lose gas/heat/water/electricity for periods of time, some are evicted from their apartments for chronically late or missing rent payments, and others are evicted from homes they own to foreclosure or tax sales. These are added struggles piled on top of already distressing medical and/or mental health conditions. With some documentation, a Dire Need request could push your case further up the line.

There are a few ways to address these problems or find help:

  1. Contact your utility provider, landlord, or bank and submit a letter from your attorney about your pending disability case. Sometimes this can grant you a grace period or convince them to set up a payment plan.
  2. Contact any local resources you can for additional assistance. Oftentimes the Salvation Army, churches, food banks, shelters, schools, libraries, or government services offices and provide assistance or direct you to some.
  3. Write to your local Congressperson and Senators about your situation and disability. Their office will communicate with SSA and monitor the progress of your case. This can help to keep SSA pushing forward on your claim.

Don’t let yourself feel alone and overwhelmed. While attorneys are limited in the ultimate outcome or speed of your case, they can offer ways to lessen the challenges along the way.



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