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How a repetitive strain injury could end someone’s career

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Work is often monotonous. People perform the same tasks throughout the day. If they keep the same job, they may do the same work for many years. Consistently performing the same job functions can lead to increased skill. Employees who have always worked in specific professions can become experts in their fields. Manufacturing employees may learn all of the tasks on a production line. They may even learn how to troubleshoot equipment.

However, doing the same work for years has its downsides. The longer someone performs the same work, the more likely they are to injure their bodies. Repetitive strain from work functions can lead to serious medical challenges.

The human body is not a machine

What is efficient for a company may not necessarily be beneficial for its workers. Many companies treat people like machinery. They expect the workers to perform the same task over and over. People generally cannot do the same task for hours without becoming sore. The more they use the same body part, the worst the damage becomes. Repetitive strain injuries can develop when people constantly perform the same tasks.

Repetitive strain injuries may start with mild discomfort. They can become debilitating over time. Workers may notice increasing levels of pain. They may experience reduced strength and changes in their range of motion. Many workers try to ignore discomfort at first. They may eventually need to report their concerns to their employers. Repetitive strain injuries typically do not resolve on their own. Workers need rest and treatment to improve. In some cases, they may need to change job functions.

Workers’ compensation can help

An employee with a repetitive strain injury might qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. They could receive medical benefits to pay for treatment. Workers’ compensation could also replace their wages with disability pay. If workers cannot continue performing their job, they may need to file a benefits claim. They may also qualify for accommodations from their employers. Workplace accommodations can help someone perform their job without worsening their medical condition.

Employees often feel anxious about reporting an injury. Having support during a workers’ compensation claim can give someone more confidence and increase their chances of success.



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