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3 mistakes that can negatively affect workers’ compensation claims

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Most employees in Minnesota have protection if they get hurt on the job. Workers’ compensation benefits can replace lost income and pay for health care expenses. Workers injured in an incident on the job can apply for benefits.

Those who develop medical conditions may also qualify. Chemical exposure or repetitive job functions can also lead to claims. Sometimes workers make mistakes that put their eligibility for workers’ compensation at risk. Mistakes can also lead to an inconvenient denial of benefits. For example, these all-too-common missteps might affect someone’s workers’ compensation claim for the worse.

Failing to communicate with employers

The average worker does not relish the thought of reporting an injury to their employer. They may worry that the company could punish or that coworkers may judge them. Those fears could potentially affect someone’s eligibility benefits. Workers generally need to report a work-related health issue within 30 days of the incident or diagnosis. The failure to communicate could leave someone unable to file a benefits claim.

Refusing to follow medical directions

A doctor helps manage a workers’ compensation claim in Minnesota. They decide the appropriate course of treatment. Recommendations could include medication, surgery, physical therapy or changes to work responsibilities. If employees disagree with treatment options, they need to follow the right steps. Seeking out a second opinion could help. Simply refusing treatments might lead to claims that a worker is responsible for the worsening of their condition. If someone doesn’t get the proper treatment, they could become ineligible for future benefits.

Accepting unfair decisions

Maybe a doctor believes that a patient is unlikely to respond to additional treatment. They could inform the state that the patient reached maximum medical improvement. That could result in the end of their benefits. The worker may still be in too much pain to safely return to work. Insurance companies or employers might unfairly try to deny someone benefits. Workers often accept those unfavorable decisions instead of learning more about their rights. Workers can appeal and have other protections as well.

Talking about a work injury with a skilled legal team can help someone explore their workers’ compensation rights. Those who learn from the mistakes of others may find it easier to get benefits for their own work injury.


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