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Disability vs. Retirement vs. Early Retirement: What’s the Difference?

by | Mar 5, 2024 | SSD - Social Security Disability |

Social Security retirement is simply the social benefits you apply for once you have reached your retirement age (this is based on your birthdate and can range from 65-67). You can draw these benefits under your own social security number, or possibly your spouse’s. You are also eligible to apply for Medicare (medial insurance through the Federal government).

EARLY retirement is the same as regular or FULL retirement; however, it can be drawn as early as 62 years of age. If you choose this path, you will NOT get a greater benefit amount once you do reach FULL retirement age. Your benefit amount will remain lower than if you wait.

DISABILITY benefits are those meant to replace (to some degree) lost wages from being unable to work due to medical issues, mental health issues, or both. You can be found disabled at any age prior to full retirement age, though the process is typically harder the younger you are. If you ARE found disabled by Social Security, your benefits will continue until you reach FULL retirement age. Then your benefits will convert to regular FULL retirement benefits. If you are found disabled between ages 62 to your FULL retirement age, and DID choose to draw EARLY retirement while waiting for your disability decision, and your receive a favorable disability decision, you will also convert to your FULL retirement about upon turning your FULL retirement age.

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