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What if I am denied Social Security benefits for brain injury?

So many Americans have suffered serious and debilitating injuries -- like traumatic brain injury -- that have left them permanently disabled and unable to work, but they were denied Social Security benefits when they first apply for them. This is a scary and difficult situation to be in, for sure, but disabled persons should not despair and they should not take "no" for an answer.

Often, brain injury victims and other serious injury victims face tough hurdles in order to get Social Security benefits, and that is because the extent of some types of injuries and disabilities are sometimes hard to quantify and they may be subject to competing opinions by different medical doctors.

Following a denial, applicants have 60 days in which to file a reconsideration or appeal. Regardless an applicant's situation, every TBI victim denied Social Security should make sure that he or she files an appeal or reconsideration paperwork in a timely fashion.

In a lot of cases where benefits are denied, the problem is not with the applicant's level of disability; the problem is with missing documentation. Often, applicants fail to give the Social Security administration sufficient documentation of their injuries to qualify. In other cases, the claim might not have been considered appropriately by the Social Security claims examiner. In these situations, all that may be required is resubmittal with an application for reconsideration or appeal along with the appropriate documentation.

Hundreds of thousands of disabled Americans, and who knows how many disabled Minnesota residents, are currently struggling to make ends meet unnecessarily. If these individuals applied for Social Security disability benefits in an appropriate and legally strategic fashion, they might be able to qualify for benefits that they currently do not believe they are capable of receiving. Indeed the Social Security program is currently supporting millions of U.S. citizens who would not be able to survive economically otherwise. Perhaps you could qualify for benefits too.

Source: BrainLine, "Figuring Out Social Security Benefits After a TBI," Michael V. Kaplen, accessed July 31, 2015

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