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Traumatic brain injuries often lead to debilitating impairments

We had mentioned that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month earlier this month on our Minneapolis Social Security disability law blog. But October is also National Brain Injury Awareness Month. Although breast cancer and traumatic brain injuries are very different medical conditions, both conditions can lead to disability.

Children and Supplemental Security Income benefits

Our Minneapolis Social Security Disability blog mainly discusses the types of benefits folks may be entitled to receive when they can no longer work as a result of a debilitating illness or injury. But families should understand that their children may also be eligible to obtain disability benefits if they suffer from physical or mental impairments.

Disabled workers to see increase in Social Security benefits

During these tough economic times, many workers in Minnesota might not expect to be given a raise. Disabled workers who are currently receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits probably don't expect to see an increase in their monthly benefits either, especially since critics of the SSDI program continue to argue that the program costs too much.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month and SSDI benefits

As we approach the middle of October here in Minnesota, you may have noticed that in addition to the leaves changing colors, more pink ribbons are popping up in places as well. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And although breast cancer affects thousands of Minnesotans all year long, this month encourages folks to become more aware of how to notice the symptoms of breast cancer and to know when to go in to the doctor for screenings. This month also raises more awareness of how cancer can affect patients and their families.

I have diabetes. Can I apply for SSDI?

Social Security Disability Insurance is available for certain people with diabetes. SSDI is a monthly cash benefit that the government gives to people (including those under 65) whose disabilities make it impossible for them to work.

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