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Chronic pain becoming increasingly common among teenagers

Sadly, teenagers sometimes suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can be incredibly impactful on a teenager. It can affect a teenager's ability to do sports and other activities and can get in the way of them being able to enjoy their childhood. If a teenager's chronic pain continues into their adulthood, it can have further serious effects, such as impacting their ability to have gainful employment.

A recent study indicates that a rather worrisome trend may be occurring when it comes to chronic pain in teenagers. Specifically, the study indicates that chronic pain may be becoming increasingly common among teenagers.

The study was recently published in "Pediatrics." The study looked at teenager admissions at 43 hospitals. Specifically, the study looked at teenager admissions for chronic pain. The hospitals the study reviewed the admissions of are spread across the country.

In this review, the study found that the level of hospital admissions for teenagers for chronic pain in 2010 was at around 9 times the level from 2004. This is a rather staggering increase. The teenager admissions the study looked at were for a wide variety of different types of chronic pain, including: chronic pain syndrome, chronic abdominal pain and reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome.

Reportedly, it is not yet known what specifically is causing chronic pain to be so common among teenagers. One hopes that future studies are able to pin down the cause, as determining the cause could potentially help doctors to be able to better address chronic pain in teenagers.

Source: WFAA, "Chronic Pain in Teenagers on the Rise," July 6, 2013

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