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Could CPAP help PTSD victims?

When one thinks of post traumatic stress disorder, one probably thinks of soldiers. While there are many soldiers who suffer from this condition, it is important to note that this condition is not limited to individuals in this profession. PTSD can strike individuals from all different walks of life, as there are a wide variety of different traumatic events that can lead to a person suffering from this condition.

Study: music could help those with heart disease

When one thinks of things that can help improve recovery from serious medical conditions, one's mind might immediately go to complex and expensive treatments. However, sometimes, simple things can help in the recovery process.

Emergency rooms and autism

Developmental disorders are one of the mental impairments individuals can suffer from. One of the more well-known developmental disorders is autism. Autism can have many impacts on a person's life, as autism can affect a person's ability to interact with people and the environment around them.

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