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Emergency rooms and autism

Developmental disorders are one of the mental impairments individuals can suffer from. One of the more well-known developmental disorders is autism. Autism can have many impacts on a person's life, as autism can affect a person's ability to interact with people and the environment around them.

Due to the impacts of autism, individuals on the autism spectrum here in Minnesota can face challenges in certain environments. One such environment is the workplace. Severe autism may leave a person unable to work. In such cases, one option that may be available to an autism sufferer is to pursue Social Security Disability benefits.

Another environment that can be challenging for individuals on the autism spectrum are emergency rooms, as emergency rooms can be very chaotic. The challenges emergency rooms pose to autism sufferers can be a real problem, as they can impact an autism sufferer's ability to receive medical care in an environment that is safe for them.

A team from Pennsylvania that consists of a doctor and three professors has been endeavoring to help make emergency rooms a less challenging environment for autism sufferers. The team has been developing a training program, consisting of a DVD and a manual, aimed at teaching medical professionals ways to make emergency room treatment of autism sufferers safer and less stressful for autism sufferers and more effective.

It is encouraging to see researchers looking at ways to make emergency rooms a more suitable place for autism sufferers. Such improvements could be of great benefit to individuals on the autism spectrum. It will be interesting to see how effective the above-mentioned training program and ones like it prove to be in making emergency rooms a less challenging environment for those with this type of mental condition.

Source: Disability Scoop, "Making The ER Less Stressful For Those On The Spectrum," Debra Erdley, Sept. 3, 2013 

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