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Triple benefits for some veterans with war-related injuries

According to a recent report, it seems some war veterans are receiving more benefits than others by way of military retirement pay, veterans benefits and Social Security disability benefits. If it sounds like some kind of scam, fear not, it's perfectly legal and many veterans don't see a problem with what is going on. In fact, various veterans groups around the country maintain that the recipients of these triple benefits have earned the money for their years or even decades of service to the nation.

The report by the Government Accountability Office says most of the veterans who receive triple benefits have severe disabilities with approximately four out of five suffering a disability rating of 50 percent or higher. Further, almost half of the recipients are 60 years or older. For many, these veterans' issues do not present a problem but as always, there are two sides to the coin. Many others feel the money should be redistributed in a more balanced way so that everyone who needs disability benefits gets a fair share.

The report indicates that the average payment distributed to veterans totaled about $59,000 but approximately 4 percent of the recipients received multiple payments of $100,000 or more concurrently. One veteran reportedly received more than $200,000 in multiple payments in 2013.

Without taking a stand either way, it's important for all Minneapolis war veterans to understand that they do have legal options for acquiring the military benefits they are due. With help from the local Minnesota legal community, they can file SSD claims or take other action to get the benefits they have earned in their service to the nation's security.

Source: AOL.com, "Report says 60,000 veterans get triple benefits" Matthew Daly, Associated Press, Nov. 01, 2014

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