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Change of Address

If a claimant has a request for a hearing pending, it is important to keep the Social Security Administration updated with your current address. Under Hallex I-2-3-15, the administrative law judge (ALJ) or hearing office staff should mail a written notice of hearing at least 20 days before the hearing (unless the claimant has waived the right to advance notice under Hallex I-2-3-25). As my colleague indicated yesterday, the ALJ could dismiss your case if you fail to appear without good cause. Lack of notice typically will not qualify if your hearing notice was mailed to your last known address. Claimants can change their address with Social Security Administration online, in person at a local office, or through their appointed representative.

If a claimant has established a change in residence while the request for hearing is pending, the hearing office could transfer the case to a more convenient locale, or if the case has already been assigned to an ALJ, the ALJ may determine how the claimant appears (regardless of whether the claimant had previously objected to video teleconferencing). Generally though, the ALJ will honor the claimant's request not to appear by video teleconferencing if there is no additional delay or other reason (Hallex I-2-3-11).

For recipients who already receive benefits, a change in residence may affect the amount received, depending on the type of benefit paid. For Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the Administration takes into account the entire household income, and the requirements for poverty may no longer be met. Moreover, eligibility may vary from state to state, and most states add a state supplemental benefit onto the federal payment. Benefits under the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program, however, remain unaffected by a change of address.

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