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What are Impairment Related Work Expenses?

A prior posting on this blog explained the impact of earnings on your eligibility for Social Security benefits. To recap, a person who earns more than the SGA limit will likely be found ineligible for benefits under Social Security rules. However, impairment related work expenses (IRWE) allow a recipient or claimant for benefits to reduce their countable income.

An impairment related work expense can be anything from out of pocket costs for prescriptions or devices to transportation costs. These expenses must be out of pocket and not reimbursed by another source, related to a serious health condition, necessary in order to work, and approved by the Social Security Administration.

When receiving or applying for SSDI, IRWEs can be applied to bring income below SGA. When receiving or applying for SSI, income from other sources will reduce your SSI benefit. IRWEs reduce your countable income and therefore reduce the effect of income reduction on SSI benefits.

In order to apply an IRWE specific and clear documentation must be kept such as prescriptions and receipts. Your local Social Security office will also need to approve the IRWE before it can be applied to your account.

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