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What should I do if my SSI or SSDI claim was denied?

Most Supplemental Security Income and Social Security Disability Insurance claims are denied the first time they are made. If this has happened to you, do not be alarmed as there is still hope for your claim through a special appeals process. However, you may need the assistance of an Social Security attorney to make sure that you submit your appeal appropriately.

The Social Security Administration usually denies a disability claim for one or more of the following reasons:

-- The disability is not bad enough or it is not expected to last for a year or more

-- In spite of the disability, the administration believes that the claimant can still carry out his or her normal job duties

-- The disability has been caused by drug or alcohol addiction

-- The claimant failed to submit enough evidence

-- The claimant did not follow a prescribed course of medical treatment

-- Work was resumed prior to the claimant proving his or her disability.

Everyone has the ability to appeal the Social Security Administration's decision on his or her disability claim. The first thing applicants do in the appeals process is to apply for reconsideration. A request for reconsideration can be filed along with additional evidence, which answers the Social Security Administration's previous decision. Sometimes, a detailed statement from your doctor -- which provides detailed evidence to support why you are ill, why you have been diagnosed with a specific condition and why you cannot perform your normal job duties -- is enough to prove that you cannot perform your regular job duties.

Medical reports from doctors should include medical histories, lab test results, clinical findings, diagnoses and prescribed treatments. They should also include a statement from the doctor about your inability to perform various types of work-related tasks relating to hearing, lifting, carrying, handling objects, standing, walking, speaking and traveling.

Sometimes, the process of applying for SSDI and SSI can be overwhelming and confusing. A qualifies Social Security lawyer can help you navigate this confusion and complete the process of applying for benefits or appealing a negative decision.

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