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Applying for social security benefits

Americans receiving social security benefits for mental impairment and require help managing their finances should not have the right to bear arms according to the Obama administration. The presidential administration announced a new proposal last Thursday that would put millions more people on the banned gun owner list.

Gun rights advocates in addition to disability rights advocates said that they would fight the measure, which they say will unfairly deny constitutional rights to many. Nevertheless, according to the Social Security administration, they will be required to share information about Social Security benefits recipients in order to add certain individuals to the list of banned gun owners.

The proposal seeks to deny the right to purchase guns to individuals receiving disability payments due to mental disabilities, who also have another individual assigned to manage their financial affairs as a result of their mental impairment. These individuals, according to the presidential administration, are too unstable to purchase firearms. As such, they will have their names added to the National Instant Background Check System -- a system that licensed firearms dealers need to review before selling firearms to their customers. Independent calculations show that an estimated millions of people could be affected by the policy.

Before the rule goes into effect, the public will be given 60 days to offer its comments. The Social Security administration will review those comments before it decides how to handle the matter.

Usually, gun ownership is the last thing on a Social Security applicant's mind when applying for benefits. Generally, Minnesota residents applying for Social Security are too concerned with getting vital financial assistance they need to survive, and they are not thinking about their right to purchase firearms. However, any time Social Security benefits are pursued, Minnesota residents should be aware of any potential legal consequences involved with accepting those benefits.

Source: Washington Times, "Social Security moves to block mentally impaired from owning guns," Stephen Dinan and Jessica Chasmar, May 05, 2016

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