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How you can claim your veteran's disability compensation

If you've served the country in the military, you're generally entitled to some benefits through the Veteran's Affairs. There are limits to what you can claim, and sometimes there are restrictions on who can claim what and after how many months or years of service. If you have questions about your rights, your attorney can help you apply for or appeal a denial of benefits.

There is no legal definition for a "military veteran," so your eligibility for veteran's benefits will entirely depend on how the benefit was written into law. For instance, some veterans, like those looking to receive benefits for service during the Vietnam War, must have served on active duty for 90 days. Those who served less would be unable to claim any benefits for their service there.

If you have received a service-related disability rating of 10 percent of higher, a ranking determined by the VA, then you may be able to qualify for benefits that are paid each month. These monthly disability benefits can range from $127 a month up to $3,000 or more. If your disability is very severe, like if you lost a limb and have a disabled spouse or dependent parents, you could be able to receive a larger benefit.

Remember, in most cases, if you were dishonorably discharged, you will not be able to access VA benefits. If you were not dishonorably discharged, then you'll need your discharge papers and service treatment records to apply for disability benefits. You'll also need to be able to show medical evidence of your disability. If you can do these things, then you may be approved.

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