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What kinds of benefits are there for those with disabilities?

Social Security Disability benefits are a lifeline to those who can no longer work due to a serious illness or disability. If you have a medical condition that has made it impossible to work a full-time job, then this benefit may be for you. There are several eligibility requirements to consider, and the application process can be tricky. Many who move forward with an application choose to do so with legal advice, since there are many forms and documents that have to be provided to the Social Security Administration.

There are two kinds of benefits you may be able to receive when you suffer from a disability. One is Social Security Disability Insurance, and the other is Social Security Income. Social Security Disability Insurance is a type of income provided to people who have paid into Social Security through their jobs. Social Security Income is different, because it can be given to children, the blind and low-income individuals who perhaps have never had a job or paid into the system.

What makes you disabled?

To be considered disabled, you'll need to show evidence that you won't be able to work for at least a year or longer. At the time when you apply, you must not have worked full time for the last year. If your condition is expected to be terminal, that is also a qualifying factor.

Where can you learn about potential approved disabilities?

The Social Security Administration has a list of disabilities that it recognizes including chronic respiratory conditions, depression and other well-known illnesses or disorders. Your attorney can help you if you're not sure if you qualify based on this list.

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