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Why Does it Take so Long to get a Hearing?

As you likely know, applying for social security disability can take a long time. The wait to get a hearing from the time of application to the hearing can be over two years. It takes this long for several reasons but one of them is the lack of funding to operate the program.

The operating budget for Social Security has shrunk by 10 percent since 2010 (after adjusting for inflation) all while baby boomers are reaching retirement ages. This means that there is less money available to operate the disability program. Social Security offices from the district level to the hearing level are not adequately staffed. While hearing offices have the authority to hire new administrative judges to decide cases, they do not have the budget to pay for the judges. The backlog, or list of people waiting to get a hearing, is getting larger every year, and unfortunately, the wait time for claimants is only getting longer. As it stands, ODARs are getting around 2,800 new cases per work day nationwide but only deciding 2,500 cases per day. Therefore, the backlog increased 61,000 cases in 2016.

One way social security claimants can combat this issue is by talking to their federal representatives, their Congressional Representatives and Senators. You can reach out to constituent services to talk about your case in particular and how hard it is to wait for a hearing for this long and encourage them to increase the Congressional budget for Social Security. It is important that your representatives understand the hardships that people endure while waiting for their hearings. People lose their homes; sell their possessions and often get sicker while waiting for their hearings. Your federal representative work for you and issues often get overlooked unless they are brought up repeatedly.

Everyone can play a part by contacting Congress and urging them to increase the operational budget for Social Security.

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