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Disability benefits for children in Minnesota: SSD or SSI benefits?

Our Minneapolis Social Security disability law blog often discusses the types of challenges working Minnesotans face when they become disabled because of a serious injury, illness or other medical condition. However, there are also thousands of families in Minnesota who face similar challenges when caring for children who are disabled.

Woman may lose SSDI and SSI benefits due to 'miscalculation'

Do you think you could support two children and yourself by making only $9 per hour at a part-time job in Minneapolis? Even with inexpensive housing and cutting other costs like owning a car and going out to eat, making only $9 an hour at a part-time job may make it extremely challenging for families to make ends meet each month.

Many SSI claims denied for not effectively proving disabilities

Minnesota residents who are disabled and have limited financial resources may be eligible to obtain Supplemental Security Income benefits. However, just because an individual is eligible to obtain benefits does not mean that he or she will receive disability benefits. This is because the Social Security Administration requires folks to prove that they have a disability, and proving that one is indeed disabled can be a challenging task.

SSI can help younger Americans who suffer disabling injuries

Disability benefits are available to folks in Minnesota and other Americans who suffer from debilitating, life-threatening and chronic illnesses. Typically, many folks associate disabilities with older people. Workers who spend 40 years doing manual labor might become disabled as a result of a repetitive stress injury. And other workers who are nearing retirement might suddenly be diagnosed with cancer or fibromyalgia.

Who can apply for Supplemental Security Income benefits?

Last week marked an important milestone for the Supplemental Security Income program. Forty years ago on Oct. 30, President Richard Nixon signed the Social Security Amendments of 1972. This created the SSI program and the program became available to vulnerable adults and disabled folks in 1974. Today, about 8 million Americans are benefiting from this program.

Children and Supplemental Security Income benefits

Our Minneapolis Social Security Disability blog mainly discusses the types of benefits folks may be entitled to receive when they can no longer work as a result of a debilitating illness or injury. But families should understand that their children may also be eligible to obtain disability benefits if they suffer from physical or mental impairments.

Discontinued Social Security Benefits Likely for Elderly and Disabled Refugees

"I don't want to complain against the United States because this country has helped me immensely, but the reality is that I may be homeless," says Eustacio Guevara, a disabled Cuban man living in Miami.

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