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How do I qualify for disability?

You might be wondering whether you qualify for disability due to poor health. Find out in this article.

If you’ve been struggling financially due to your health problems, you might wonder whether you’re able to qualify for social security or disability. It’s important to understand what your options are when it comes to applying for financial assistance in this way. Disability is designed to ensure that you’re able to receive assistance that can help you financially even when you aren’t physically able to work. Here’s what you need to know.

Types of disabilities

The Social Security Administration provides a list of mental and physical problems that qualify individuals for disability payments. There are many types of health problems that qualify an individual for disability, including respiratory diseases, such as asthma, and muscular problems. Additionally, many mental health disorders, skin disorders, and even digestive disorders may qualify an individual for assistance.

Applying for disabilities

In some cases, you may be tempted to wait to apply for disability. If you’ve never applied before, you might be nervous about asking for financial help. It’s important that you don’t wait, however. Processing times may vary depending on when you apply, so understand that you won’t receive assistance right away. It’s important that you start the process of receiving a diagnosis and filling out the paperwork promptly.

Your first stop is to visit your doctor so they can properly diagnose you. Bring as much information as possible when you meet with your doctor. You’ll need to know exactly what your symptoms are, how long they’ve been affecting you, and the impact these symptoms have had on your life. For example, does your knee pain make it difficult to walk? Are you struggling to perform your normal daily tasks? Have you been dealing with migraines and headaches since you were in an accident? No matter what your physical condition might be, make sure you reach out to your physician. This should be your first step.


When you are ready to apply for assistance, you will be responsible for supplying evidence that you have a disability. Understand that the person who reviews your case does not know you personally. The only contact they will have with you is in relation to your case, which makes it incredibly important that you provide as much evidence as possible as to your disability. You may need to include a copy of your physician’s examination, mental health records, and blood work panels. Test results and copies of MRI or CT-scan reports may also be necessary. Keep in mind that you don’t just need to prove you have a disability. You also need to show that it prevents you from being able to work.

Learning whether your medical condition qualifies you for benefits can be difficult, so reach out to an experienced disability attorney who can help answer your questions. Your attorney will discuss your case with you and help you understand what your options are moving forward. Furthermore, your lawyer will help you to start the paperwork process and assist you in applying for benefits.

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