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Social Security Disability Insurance for Veterans

Disabled veterans face a number of unique financial challenges. For many former service members, the benefits obtained through Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI”) are an essential source of income. As it can be challenging to navigate the bureaucratic red tape surrounding the spectrum of benefits wounded veterans may receive, speaking to an SSDI attorney can be extremely beneficial.

SSDI in a Nutshell

It is important to recognize that benefits obtainable from the Social Security Administration are distinct from those available through the Department of Veterans Affairs; there is a separate process for seeking Social Security disability benefits.

To qualify for SSDI, you must have paid Social Security taxes for a certain amount of time. If you have paid these taxes, you are considered “insured” against a disability that makes it impossible to do substantial work and is expected to last longer than a year (or is terminal).

To apply for Social Security Disability benefits, you must submit documentation that proves you have a qualifying medical condition.

Special SSDI Considerations for Veterans

Taken alone, active duty status or receipt of military pay does not disqualify you from receiving SSDI benefits. Your ability to perform meaningful work activity is usually the determining factor, and any payments you receive from the military are irrelevant.

Service members may be able to take advantage of another significant benefit: expedited processing of SSDI claims. Often, a significant period passes between an application and the time when a disabled individual begins receiving benefits; expedited treatment can reduce this wait time.

If you are a veteran suffering from a debilitating medical condition, contact a Social Security Disability lawyer today to get help with collecting your SSDI benefits.

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