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What are some common disabilities?

Are you wondering whether you might qualify for disability? Here are some common disabilities Americans may suffer from.

Each year, adults across the country develop severe disabilities that make living a normal life seem impossible. It’s important to understand the different kinds of disabilities, as well as the problems they cause. If you or someone you know is suffering from a disability, you may have questions about filing for disability payments or receiving government assistance to help you as you learn to cope with your disability. Here are just some of the most common disabilities you may experience. Remember that if you are facing a disability that is impacting your quality of life, that renders you unable to work, and that is causing you severe stress or pain, it’s important to consult with a disability attorney who can help you understand what your rights are for receiving disability payments.


One of the most common disabilities in the United States is arthritis. More than 50 million adult Americans suffer from some type of arthritis. This can produce a number of symptoms, including joint swelling and pain. People who suffer from arthritis may find that they are unable to perform their work-related duties, including walking, lifting, or typing at a computer.

Heart disease

If you suffer from a heart disorder, you may find that you are able to qualify for disability. Heart disease can greatly reduce your ability to perform basic work-related functions. Additionally, patients who suffer from a heart disorder find that it can be quite painful and difficult to perform ordinary tasks or activities.

Lung and respiratory problems

Severe lung problems are incredibly difficult to cope with. Even if you are otherwise healthy, dealing with lung or respiratory disorders may reduce your ability to work. You may get winded easily or be more prone to additional illnesses. In some cases, lung and respiratory problems may mean that you struggle to walk, speak, or move around.


More than 29 million Americans suffer from diabetes, making it one of the most common disabilities. Diabetes can lead to a variety of other health problems and can drastically impact an adult’s quality of life. Symptoms of diabetes vary, but may include a number of other symptoms, including vision problems. Simply being diagnosed with diabetes may not be enough to qualify for disability payments; however, if you suffer from diabetes-related complications, you may still be eligible for assistance.

Are you suffering from a disability? Are you wondering how you can get the help you need and to start moving forward? It’s time to call a disability attorney who can help you. Your lawyer understands exactly what you’re going through and will do everything in their power to assist you during this time. Call now to schedule a consultation and to talk about how you can start seeking disability assistance for your condition.

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