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It is possible to apply for Social Security Disability benefits either at your local Social Security office or to apply online. However, while finding out where you can apply is relatively easy, having your application accepted can be extremely challenging. Most individuals applying for benefits do not understand the process. They also do not understand what the Social Security Administration (SSA) is looking for in determining eligibility. Approximately 70 percent of applications face rejection.

The attorneys at Midwest Disability, P.A., help thousands of individuals apply for disability benefits every year. We know what it takes to demonstrate disability. Our office also has the resources to organize information on your behalf and to aggressively pursue your claim.

Applying For Disability Benefits In Person

There are several forms you will need to fill out at the Social Security office before you can collect disability payments. The forms are often difficult to understand, and any misinformation can lead to rejection of your application. It is therefore important to fill these forms out right.

Our skilled disability lawyers thoroughly understand the documentation you will need to fill out. We will help you fill out the information required on the forms completely and accurately. We will put in the effort to make certain your records are complete, that medical and legal terminology is correct, and that there are no mistakes in the documentation.

Applying For Disability Benefits Online

Just as when applying for benefits in person, the process for applying online is confusing. The disability process requires entering a large amount of information completely and accurately. This includes entering dates of employment, information regarding your employer and your spouse, contact information regarding medical providers, etc. Mistakes can lead to rejection of your application.

It is not only important to fill out such information accurately, it is also important to apply promptly. The sooner you provide such information, the sooner you can expect to receive your disability benefits.

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Let our attorneys and staff help you. Contact our office for an appointment and free case evaluation by calling 888-351-0427. We handle disability claims on a contingency basis. That means we will charge you no fee unless you successfully receive benefits on your claim.

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